除了健康和用药制度,技术专门艾基础的工具,可以发挥与当前流行电晕打了至关重要的作用。在合作在亚洲和太平洋(AUAP)大学与水仙花国际大学(丢)协会,孟加拉国正在组织 coronathon-19:一个编程马拉松 期间打击covid-19在世界各地 4月28-30日2020年. Under this competition, students from Grade 10 to Post Graduation level will be eligible to compete online & solve the challenges brought on by the current pandemic. This initiative mainly aims to develop the best possible solutions to fight against the Corona pandemic and also engage the students in productive work during this lockdown period. It will also help them to think outside of the box towards the real challenges. All students are invited to join CoronaThon19.


  • $ 25,000个 (BDT 20,00,000+)来实现的想法
  • 每个参与者将获得在线证书

报名截止日期: 2020年4月27日

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